Who we are and what we do

Image of Jim Burton

Jim Burton

Jim Burton is very experienced in real world Bitcoin/distributed ledger technology development and has been working in the ecosystem since Spring 2011. He is the co-developer of MultiBit and MultiBit HD and has made various contributions to the bitcoinj library.

In the previous dozen years he has worked using Kotlin and Java at financial software houses including HSBC, Banctec and Infor.

Image of Gary Rowe

Gary Rowe

Gary Rowe has been a full time software developer for over 20 years and is a distributed web application specialist.

He has worked for a diverse range of clients from banks to airlines to government. Since 2011 he has been involved in distributed ledger technology starting with co-developing the popular MultiBit Classic and HD open source Bitcoin wallets which saw over 2 million downloads.

He has contributed to several open source projects including XChange, MultiBit Hardware, hid4java and the popular Bitcoinj library.

After moving on from MultiBit in 2016 he has continued to work with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Fabric and Corda.