Bespoke software

Bitcoin Solutions specialises in creating secure and robust solutions that integrate Bitcoin into your business. We also provide solutions in other distributed ledger technologies such as Ethereum, Eris and R3CEV.


We can deliver a bespoke system (website, mobile or desktop) that is built to your specific requirements.


By involving you right through the entire development process you can be sure that your product will meet or exceed your quality standards and ensure that you maintain a low total cost of ownership.


Our team is among the most experienced distributed ledger developers in the world so you can be sure that your software will be developed quickly, and to the highest levels of quality.


Java is considered the first choice for software development across the industry due to its continual delivery of enterprise scale applications. There are an extraordinary number of free and open source libraries that can be drawn upon to deliver a solution tailored to your needs. It takes a lot of experience to integrate the most appropriate libraries to meet a project's requirements. Bitcoin Solutions has that experience.


Every day the web becomes more complex, and the bar is continually raised in terms of expectations from the end customer. Bitcoin Solutions has extensive experience with developing both front and back end software that delivers robust and scalable solutions.


Mobile consumer devices are becoming the norm for accessing web applications for e-commerce. You want to ensure that your business is positioned to take advantage of this trend. Bitcoin Solutions can provide the expertise your business needs to ensure that your customers continue to enjoy an excellent user experience.